Game Designer

My name is Juul Lenders and I’m a Dutch game designer specialized in system design and technical design but I have experience in all aspects of design. I am studying at NHTV International Game Architecture and Design (IGAD) in the Netherlands. I am extremely passionate about games, currently I am working as a game designer at GamePoint until February 2018. I am looking for other internship opportunities, feel free to contact me!


At GamePoint I lead a small team responsible for coming up with new game concepts and prototyping these. I occasionally help out with some systems on their released titles and I also do programming.

Role(s) Game Designer & Game Developer Intern
Time September 2017 – February 2017 ~ 6 months

Raving Rabbids Party Crash

VR herding game as part of an educational program in collaboration between NHTV and Ubisoft.

I was part of designing the concepts and systems as well as prototyping and developing mechanics. I made tools for level designers to use and helped all team members with technical issues and using Unreal Engine 4.

Role(s) Concept Design, System Design, Technical Design
Time September 2016 – July 2017 ~ 1 year

Time Control

A demo of a time control game. I explore time control mechanics and how it fits within a portal game. Combining action platformer level design and puzzle design.

Role(s) Solo Project, System Design, Level Design, Gameplay Programming
Time September 2017 ~ 1 month

Nuclear Throne Ultra Mod

A popular mod for Vlambeer’s game Nuclear Throne.

I expanded Nuclear Throne with new weapons areas and balance changes. I received a ton of community feedback that I used to improve the game.

Role(s) Programming (GML), Design, Pixel-art, Level Design
Time January 2016 – August 2016 ~ 8 months

Heist Night

Asymmetrical multiplayer stealth game, where one player plays the guard the other plays the thief.

I did white-boxing and research on castle layouts. I was responsible for balance in the level, both guard and thief had to be equally fun to play.

Role(s) Concept Design, Level Design
Time February 2015 – June 2015 ~ 5 months

Space Plane

Psychedelic 2D space shooter.

The purpose of this project was to improve my C++ skills. The design challenge was to make a psychedelic game that is overwhelming but important information is still clearly visible.

Role(s) Game Design, Gameplay Programming (C++)
Time May 2016 – June 2016 ~ 2 months

Tower of Babel

Serious game made as an educational collaboration with NHTV Phillips and Erasmus Hospital.

I was programming lead on this project and I made most of the gameplay interactions.

Role(s) Gameplay Programming Lead (C++), Scripting
Time February 2016 – April 2016 ~ 3 months

Limitless Skies

Tablet 80’s style futuristic racing game.

I was responsible for the User Experience, the game had to feel fast and it had to control well on a tablet.

Role(s) UX/UI Design, QA, System Design
Time September 2015- October 2015 ~ 2 months

Grandma Decibelle

A rythm game where the player has to cancel out sound using sound waves.

I was responsible for the systems, simplifying the game’s controls. I also made levels using a time table system.

Role(s) Concept Design, System Design, Level Design, Sound Design
Time September 2014 – January 2015 ~ 5 months

Sleepy Head

A 2D Puzzle platformer where the player places blocks instead of jumping.

This project was made to learn more about onboarding. I challenged myself to design a fun system that fits a puzzle platformer without having a jump mechanic.

Role(s) Concept Design, System Design, Level Design, Scripting
Time July 2014 – September 2014 ~ 3 months