At GamePoint I lead a small team that is responsible for creating game design concepts and then making prototypes. I am mainly responsible for all the design work on those games except for UI design. This includes system design, concept design, technical design and puzzle design. I routinely pitch concepts and present work progress to my supervisors at GamePoint.

Engine Unity
Role(s) Game Designer & Game Developer Intern
Time September 2017 – February 2017 ~ 6 months
Hardware PC, Mobile, Tablet

My Work

I am a designer at the company part of the experimental game concept team. Each sprint we rapidly concept and prototype game ideas for future releases. I also occasionally help out with designing systems on released projects. Additionally I sometimes help out with programming as well.

Puzzle Game

We were tasked to create a puzzle game. I came up with twelve concepts and pitched them. You can see the presentation below. The presentation includes some of the concepts. If you are interested in the full presentation please contact me.

  • Concept Design
  • Puzzle Design
  • Monetization

Bubble Shooter

After exploring a ton of ideas for the next project we settled on creating a unique bubble shooter. I am responsible for the main design tasks and I also did a lot of coding for this game. During development I also went into designing core loops that keep the player engaged for long times balancing recourse systems linking, progression and monetisation together.


  • Concept Design
  • System Design
  • Monetisation
  • Progression Systems
  • Technical Design / Programming


We were tasked to recreate this classic board game. I did a ton of research into the game and found out there are about 800 different ways to play the game. After my research and design was done I took a big part in programming the game.

The instructions below are in Dutch sadly, because that was the target audience.


  • Research
  • Programming C#

Card Race

When I joined the company my team was already working on a prototype. Players had to choose one in four card suits. Cards would then be drawn from a deck and added to the corresponding card suit. The card suit that was completed first would win the race, the player that had chosen that card suit then win the game.


I took this concept and added a lot of depth too it. I changed the betting system, each player has 8 chips to bet. They can divide their chips over 3 rounds over multiple card suits. After each round the race would progress a bit. The win condition remained the same. The player with the highest bet on the winning card suit won the game. Now the player has to manage their chances and try to overtake card suits from other players by betting more.

One of the interesting decisions was how we faked the way the card deck actually worked. I figured that in actuality only the last cards mattered so in the game the chance for which card is drawn will always be one in four. This keeps the game fair and tense till the end and actually gives meaning to the progression of the race between rounds.


  • Betting system
  • Play testing
  • Monetisation
  • Technical Design / Programming