An old scientist grandma is mad at her noisy neighbours. She uses a device to fire soundwaves at the correct frequency and wavelength to cancel out the neighbours noice.

Engine Unity
Role(s) Concept Design, System Design, Level Design, Sound Design
Time September 2014 – January 2015 ~ 5 months
Hardware PC

My Work

For this game I did system design and I made the sounds used in the game. The concept is a multilayered rythm game. The player has to set the right frequency and wavelength on the correct layer to cancel out sound effects.

There are a lot of properties to sound and how to cancel them out. This had to be toned down to the state it is in now because it was way too hard otherwise. The player has to mirror incoming sounds in order to cancel them out.

Schermopname (32).png

What is interesting is that if the player makes a mistake the sound can get amplified or morphed into something weird. It is difficult to correct a mistake but it is still possible. In later levels these morphed sounds could be send to the player and the player would quickly have to figure out how to untangle them.

Schermopname (35).png

I also made a couple of levels for the game. This was deciding which waves were sent on what layer and when. This had to be tested a lot because the game could easily spiral into insane difficulty.