Heist Night is an asymmetrical multiplayer game. One player plays the game as the thief. That player has to be stealthy and sneak around in first person, trying to steal the treasure. The other player plays as the guards, his game is in a top down perspective like an RTS. The guard player has to find and catch the thief player.


  • Best Design – GameLab 2 2014 – 2015
  • Best Code – GameLab 2 2014 – 2015


  • Game of the year 2014 – 2015
  • Best Game – GameLab 2 2014 – 2015
Engine Unity
Role(s) Concept Design, Level Design
Time February 2015 – June 2015 ~ 5 months
Hardware PC


Heist Night was later put on indieDB with an additional level. You can download it for free.

My Work

I mostly did whiteboxing and testing. Trying to make a good level that is fun for both the thief and the guard. But I was also part of concepting and testing. The goal for the thief is to find a treasure easily and the guard has to know what potential routes a thief can take.

Initially I researched castles and even went to one. The layout of the castle wasn’t very good for gameplay purposes so I had to change it a little bit and make the level smaller otherwise the thief would easily be lost.

The level is filled with signs for the thief as to know where the treasure is. There are only two or three hallways to each treasure with some longer than others. The thief can easily be cut off during chases when going in these hallways. This level design forces encounters between the two players.

For the longest part the thief was the most fun to play and was never caught by the guard. I tested this a lot and there were several things to tweak in order to change this. How many hallways there are to each treasure, how long the hallways are. The speed of each of the characters and how many pawns the guard player has access to. These numbers are very dependant on the level. A bigger level would require more guards to be controlled which would make it harder for the guard player. Later levels could include bigger more complex levels for skilled players.

  • White boxing
  • Balance
  • Research