Space Plane is a rogue-like 2D psychedelic shooter. It is a solo project originally made in game maker studio. Then remade in unreal engine 4 using C++. A huge part of this project was the look and feel. Every time you fire your gun the colours in world change. It was challenging to have it be psychedelic but still be able to tell what is going on. The game has several cool weapons that could be upgraded.

I designed four core weapons for the game. These weapons could be upgrades throughout the run, each run you had to feel progression. I designed an upgrading tree that supports the rogue-like nature of the game. The weapon upgrades branched which gave each run a lot of varying possibilities.

Another big part of the game were varying enemies. Each enemy has to be weaker against at least one of four core weapon. For example a huge flock of enemies would be weaker against laser based weapons because the laser penetrates enemies. Fast enemies that close in quickly are weaker against shotguns etc. The enemies also needed to have interesting attacks so that the player would have different dodging challenges for each one of them.

  • Programming (C++)
  • Unreal Engine Paper 2D
  • Game feel
  • Weapon systems
  • Enemy AI
  • Game Maker Language