I did an internship at Team6 Game Studios and I worked as a junior game designer. Team6 is divided into divisions I worked in the “Rebel” and the “Bee Royale” division. Bee Royale, is responsible for mostly entertaining mobile games while Rebel is working on Triple A console titles.

Engine Unreal Engine, Unity
Role(s) Level Design, System Design
Time March 2017 – July 2018 ~ 5 months
Hardware PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

My Work

I joined Team 6 near the end of several of their projects. I joined two teams one working on Super Street a triple A racing game and the other project was also nearing soft launch which was a mobile game.


Super Street

Super Street is a racing game focussed on arcade-like gameplay and customization. Because it was near the end of production I did a lot of (gameplay) bug fixing. Tweaking clipping issues with the tuning system and several mission design issues. I also worked on DLC and balance for the missions.


Mission Layout

Working on the missions was a very iterative process. I had access to an open world where I would lay out objects and waypoints to create a race. After the initial version I would run play tests to then iterate in order to get the races feeling right. It was quite challenging to keep the races feeling unique as we did not have many different objects to place and a lot of races were essentially set in the same level. In order to solve some of the similarities in races I would create scripted events and add them to a specific race. I would also make sure routes through the map would not be similar to other races.

Mission Balance

MissionExample.jpgThis is an example of a time trial mission I made. I get to tweak the bronze silver and gold times for each mission. In Super Street the player can spent the money they earn after missions on car parts. These car parts have varied stats. We don’t control the progression of upgrading cars. This means that the races would still be completable with varied upgraded vehicles. Bronze should be beatable for someone who spent nearly all their money on car paint. While gold should be though for someone who has bought the best engine. I balanced this by determining how much money players would have accumulated when starting this mission. I then spent that money on the best possible stats and the worse. I then test the race with both vehicles, this gives me an approximate result for what the medal times should be.

Design Challenges

I worked on upcoming DLC for Super Street. An ongoing challenge in the project was realism vs arcade-like gameplay. We very often had discussions on where realism would apply and where we would take a more game-like approach. The main pillars for Super Street are customization and arcade-like gameplay. I think we settled the debate by making things related to customization as realistic as possible while having gameplay elements such as handling be as simplistic as possible.

Bee RoyaleBee-Royale.png

Later in my internship I joined bee royale to help with one of their mobile game projects. I set up a level design guideline document for the level designers and we adhered to it throughout the entire project. I developed several levels and analysed community data in order to improve these levels during a soft release.


    • Level Design
    • Mission Design
    • Vehicle system design
    • Analysing data