Engine Unreal Engine 4
Role(s) Solo Project, System Design, Level Design, Gameplay Programming
Time September 2017 ~ 1 month
Hardware PC

This is a project that I worked on for about a month. It is a solo project I created in Unreal Engine 4 to discover some cool time control mechanics and see what I could do with it. The original concept was to combine an action platformer with a puzzle game. The goal is to capture those awesome time control moments in films during the action levels, while the puzzle levels are more about exploring what is possible with the powers.

I showcased this to my lecturers at the time, they were impressed and suggested I tried combining it with portal mechanics. Which is what I did and it turned out there are quite a lot of possible puzzles. I created a couple of puzzle levels to showcase some of the possibilities.

This is a high level plan for the level progression that I made in a very early version of the original game’s design.

Level Description Elements
Intro Basic movement jumping. Finding force cannon. (Important motivating story questions) A mysterious company name on the cannon? Moving, Jumping, Story
1. Force cannon gameplay. Pushing blocks around simple platforming. Buttons and gates? Force Cannon, Buttons gates.
2. More advance force cannon gameplay. Introduction to floaty disc obstacle.

Notice an unaccessible path. (need rewind power later)

Force Cannon. Floaty discs
3. Hectic chaotic section. Player has to run away from collapsing ground. Use force cannon to push away incoming debris. Action/chase section, Force Cannon
4. Introduction to slow motion. Rapid moving objects that can only be bypassed using slow motion. Slow Motion.
5. Advanced slow motion. Combining slow motion with force cannon. Slow Motion, Force Cannon
6. Action/chase section that has to be traversed using slow motion. Action/chase section, Slow Motion
7. Introduction to stopping time. Stopping time to stop moving platforms in order to jump across them. Freeze Time
8. Advanced Freeze time. Freeze Time
9. Action/chase section where the player has to jump on falling debris by stopping time. Action/chase section, Freeze Time
10. Introduction to reversing time. Knocking off an object and reversing time to use it as an elevator. Reverse Time
11. Advancing reverse time. Combining it with other time abilities. Reversing time to catch put a moving object in a specific place. Then using the force cannon to push it into a different direction. Return to a previous level but use new powers to access a new area. The previous area’s original path is closed off. Reverse Time,Freeze Time,Slow Motion,Force Cannon