This project was a collaboration between NHTV, Phillips and Erasmus hospital. The game would be used to help people that had a hard time keeping focus. People that suffer from ADHD and other conditions.

I was programming lead on this project and was responsible for the gameplay programming. We used a device called the Mindwave Neurosky. The Mindwave can detect how hard people are focussing. This was used in the gameplay. By concentrating on an object the player would be able to lift it like using telekinesis. By focussing on a certain teleportation point the player could reach other areas. The levels are fairly simple puzzles and the gameplay mainly focusses on teaching the player how to concentrate. The challenge was to lift objects. It would ramp up in weight and difficulty as the player progressed.

We also used the Phillips Hue. It is used to guide the players concentration. For example colours would become blue when the player had to relax and stop concentrating.

Engine Unreal Engine
Role(s) Gameplay Programming (C++) Lead, Scripting
Time February 2016 – April 2016 ~ 3 months
Hardware PC, MindWave Neurosky, Phillips Hue

My Work

On this project I was programming lead.  As lead I divided the tasks that had to be done and made sure that it was all possible within each sprint. At the end of each sprint I would also be the one responsible for a stable running build to showcase to our clients.

As a gameplay programmer I was responsible for making the telekinesis work and the teleportation. The player could also grab shards using telekinesis and stick them into certain surfaces. The player could then jump on to these shards. All the telekinesis had to work with the MindWave Neurosky.MindwaveNeurosky

  • Gameplay programming (C++)
  • Programming lead
  • Unreal Engine Blueprints
  • Design advice